Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lausanne 20Km 2015

The Day Before
You need to pickup the race numbers the day before and so on Friday evening we schmoozed over to the West of Lausanne near the running stadium and lake and picked up our race numbers and goodie bag  (containing some pasta, some lotions, a biscuit, and a caramel chocolate bar), oh and the green Lausanne 20Km Tshirt.

After obtaining race numbers we mulled around the /village/ expo and picked up some catalogues for some summer Swiss races as well as a chat to the PowerBar  (now not Nestle since they sold it in late 2014) and also the Compex electro muscle stimulation gadget (that we very much approve of).

Race Day ... Saturday April 25

It was dry until about 10 minutes before the race start at 18.00 and thereafter it rained with a steadily increasing intensity.  This meant that on the course large puddles and even cascading downhill streams of water needed to be avoided.  All par for the course and this is a relatively short run so we thought what the heck!

Agata Report
I am so pleased.   I managed a time that was within a smidgen of my personal best for this race. And no training this year and my mind is currently most occupied with other worky things.

Along the course I of course bumped into many people that I know, this is Lausanne or the village as we like to call it.

It was raining so hard that I almost did not have to drink except for 1 glass of Powerade.

Marcus Report: No ecstasy just agony
For the last 2 months I have had quite severe nerve pains in my right back of thigh, buttocks and waist.    Essentially any attempt to run is quite painful and any attempt to run > 10Km/h is quite agonisingly painful on the right side.

So today I applied some hot lineament before the race, wore my best compression clothing   (which seems to help) and set off....

I has set my Garmin GPS watch to show speed and was careful to keep it to 13.5Km/h or less.  Speed was not a problem but rising hills were.  And in the Lausanne 20Km these start after 3.5Km or so.

Every step up every hill was agony and by 10Km I could barely feel or control my right leg.  It was very painful.  But I only had to get to 12Km and then it was mostly downhill. After that I managed a pace of 5min/km upto 4:30min/km.  Downhill,  the pain was more tolerable.

I was glad to finish and I comment that my overall fitness level is better than ever, I was not even out of breath at the finish. If I can fix this right leg/bottom/back pain I think the prospects for 2015 will be looking up.

I also think my recent fast has helped with the weight, I've lost 2Kg so now just +2Kg over correct race mass.


Agata and Marcus had a great time.  Pain aside the run went well for Marcus and all our race planning like gels and drinking in the right places and times worked out well.  We finished in good spirits although totally soaked with rain.

We made it back home on the bus and had a large celebration meal.  This was our first race in 2015.

Agata 20Km : 01.44.20

Marcus 20Km (injured) 01:32:47

Lausanne 20Km results
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