Sunday, April 12, 2015

Help with the Golive darling

Marcus has been trying to aide and not abet his darling wife's Project golive.    How has it all been going then?

Aspects of the Project GoLive?

If you work, or aspire to work in a large Multi National ultra complex organisation you will know that large IT  (Information Technology) projects are an integral part of the business.

- Agata's IT project concerns systems and users in many disparate parts of the world

- It is the result of literally thousands of person hours of planning, discussion, prototyping, detailed design, test and now implementation and production rollout
- As is typical the project golive is a joint effort between Europe and outsourcing partners in India.  (India is 4.5 hours ahead of Central Europe for timing)

- Agata's golive is scheduled to take 1 week, during which time all IT staff will get little sleep and spend a lot of time at work, else, working from home, else monitoring from home

Marcus Shares his advice

I thought about how best to ensure that Agata's head does not explode during this stressful period.

A - Send her cheerful project tips (as shown above) to keep her spirits up, if she is late working in the office. [Note: Using Google+ we can send each other messages, pictures, perform voice and video calls constantly.  Also using Google Location we can check each others precise location]

B - Make sure she has a good experience when coming home

C - Acquiesce to any demands or requirements

(Obviously I do B && C as /business as usual/, but I have to do it to 110% now, in footballer speak)

Agata Makes me Cycle!

Agata had to get up at 06 am this Sunday, so I had to also. She had to goto work so as a challenge she set me off cycling towards Geneva from Lausanne....

 And then back ... 110Km later.

Unfortunately when she got time for her lunch break on Sunday she proposed we cycle to Vevey and then up some hilly climbs.   I consulted the rule (C), and so I said yes.

It was a hard 35Km,  Marcus barely managed to keep up.

I am now totally exhausted and planning for a nap.

Meanwhile Agata is back working.  What a hero.