Monday, April 13, 2015

GoGo Penguin Live

GoGo Penguin: Hopopono

It is as though the cruel hand of time unseen has crept up upon Marcus.

I have recently enjoyed some Jazz Music  

I know, totally shocking.   In my defence it sounded to me like Drum and Base, with a House music Piano-esq backing. Yes it was:

GoGo Penguin

A British 3 piece who have come all the way from Manchester to Switzerland to play for Marcus, Agata and a few friends.  Oh yes, and everybody at the 

Cully Jazz Festival

 My initial thoughts in Cully were, nice Motorcycles here

 And shortly after: How many people!

What is on and where and when. But we have already booked, so moving swiftly on.

We find ourselves in a modest sized concert hall

We are sitting next to the mixing desk

Every Gogo Penguin track was extraordinary, and I mean in a good way

The Band signs Vinyl and CD album sleeves

GoGo Penguin: Garden Dog Barbecue

Gogo Penguin is upon Googling designated as Jazz Fusion.  So I can now say that I am a convert to this category in General and to Gogo Penguin in particular.

Thank Cully Jazz for the education.

Giles Peterson -> GoGo
Jools Holland -> GoGo