Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Fool if you think it's over

Marcus IS quite a fan of the Internet savy YouTube centric, April Fools Day Initiative. To be clear, these images and videos are to me innovative and have taken some time and effort to create. Personally, I am not a fan  of April 1st pranks on other people. Stick with the media folks.

Oh, and I threw in some musical themes too.

Anonymity: To keep you guessing at least one of the following videos depicts real life.

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

George Bush: Fool on You

Google Panda

So from the bottom of my technological and musical heart:

Have a great, prank free April Fools day.

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At least one Religion believes that April Fools Day is inappropriate or Evil. You can search for this here . Personally I call people with this belief  /Nut Jobs/. I hope to show these Videos to said sad people in the hope that they will stay as far away from me as possible.

[NB :. The same Religion (s) Seem Also to Ban freedom of music   Check these sources    My previous Categorisations Apply, even more so]