Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Monday Sermon

Whilst Marcus and Agata do not celebrate Easter directly we certainly wish Christians the best of times on their /big day/ and appreciate the importance of the Easter festival to them.

What is all this Easter then?
Christian or not we believe that you should have a good grasp of the beliefs of all major religions of this world. Why? Because they form the foundational framework on which literally billions of people turn to for guidance, support and instruction in their Personal, Social, Public and Business lives.

For an introduction to Easter please see this article

BBC Schools Relgion : Easter

The Afterlife

It hardly seems fair that as thinking, feeling and sentient beings that our one current life, the only one that we can empirically know about, is our only life.

And so, religions before and after Christianity  (e.g. Greek Mythology, Islam) have a belief in a special and quite perfect place that your spirit (but usually not body) will be transferred to after you die.

Now this is all terribly convenient of course.  It's a matter of faith that Christians believe in their version of the Afterlife and there is a similar but alternative  for believers of other religions like  Islam and even Wicca.

Actually the Wikipedia article is a good starter on Afterlife concepts and makes the distinction between

Reincarnation - You are coming back

Heaven and Hell - You are going somewhere nice or not so nice (BTW, Christians believe that all non Christians goto Hell and this is a motivating factor for converting you)

Limbo - Holding area for unbaptised souls

What is not in Easter

The chocolate Easter egg is not in the bible,  nor the giving of any eggs, however Christian tradition has been to give other Christians decorated eggs to celebrate the Christian Easter.

Non religious people have also traditionally used Egg giving as a celebration of Springtime.

What this means is that Christians, the Secular, and most other religions participate in the egg exchange.

Note: My understanding is that Muslims may not take part in any Easter celebration.  Please verify this for yourself

Here in Switzerland Agata has resisted the temptation, whilst Marcus has now had over one month of buying Chocolate rabbits but eating them shortly after arriving home.

The Half life of a chocolate bunny here at home in Switzerland is only about 24 hours :(

Visits to Churches
Despite our religious un-affiliations we continue to visit more churches than many Christians that we know.  Over an hour and 3 churches during the last week!

So all in all, we wish our Christian friends a Happy Easter and we trust they have made an actual effort and honoured their faith

Marcus has selflessly eaten multiple Chocolate Easter eggs in order to celebrate the Spring and we leave you with this positive thought:

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No dancing at Easter please
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