Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dinner is postponed indefinitely UFN

It hardly seems fair to Marcus, with at least 1 hour and possibly upto 4 hours daily exercise is still suffering from 

/Fat Bastard Syndrome/ 

To an extent this is also a problem for my wife Agata but she is not obsessively weighing herself and graphing the horrific results on the Withings Website.

(Vertical weight scale is removed due to shame)

After a net weight gain of over 4Kg in last 6 months, 

(Fat gain in the last 6 months)

and a fat gain of over 2% desperate measures are now in force

Fast not Feast

Until Further Notice  (UFN)  Marcus is on a Fast.  This means between little to no intake of food, but fluids, nutrients and vitamins are allowed.

Also, I propose to allow unlimited quantities of things like Tomatoes since they have negligible calorie intake.

Therefore: all dinners are off, and even dinners in with the Wife are cancelled until further notice.


I ate about 5 tomatoes and drank a whole lot of coffee and 1 portion of Greens  (as shown in the picture above).  I ate a small banana.


More coffee with 2% fat milk.  More greens.  A Powerbar before my 12Km run. Small portion of unflavoured noodles after a 50Km of cycling.

How is it so far?

Well mostly positive ...

+ No food preparation time, since I'm not making any meals

+ Less washing up too!
+ No food costs
+ Surprisingly, no real hunger so far
+ Supermarket shopping time, almost zero, just milk and coffee.

= I was still able to put in Good exercise Tuesday( 3 hours), Wednesday ( 4 hours) without issue.  I used Nectar hydration pills not Fruit juice on the cycle  (0 calories)

- What the hell is my metabolism doing?   No real weight loss so far.  I am pretty cross.  

Oh & What did I stop already?

As I documented last June 2014, Marcus stopped:
all Chocolate (small Easter relapse), Crisps, Nuts, Tiramisu, Tartufo, Ice Cream.  Annoyingly the improved diet has only coincided with a steadily increasing weight.  I was hoping to be able to claim correlation and not causation, but the weight increase otherwise remains mysterious.

Who Else Fasted?
Well Jesus is the obvious example of fasting.   I'm also aware that certain members of my immediate family and extended family were quite keen on fasting, I think as homage to JC in fact.

In fact of course in the run up to Easter, at Lent there is a strong Christian tradition of fasting.  
And correct me, but I don't think the emphasis of the Christian festival is fat reduction.

When to Stop

After I drop 4Kg of non fluid based weight then I plan to resume regular eating. Until then, no breakfast, and only 1 other small meal during the rest of the day.

Day 3: today, Thursday.  

Food intake: 1 bread roll, some small fishy canapés, an apple, some beetroot. A lot of coffee.
Exercise: 1.5Km Swim + 35K Cycle + 11Km ( Run+Walk)