Friday, April 10, 2015

Bluedio Q5 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphone review

I am sure that there will be other headphones in the future but right now Marcus is pretty chuffed with his Bluedio Q5 Bluetooth headphones.

It was only January 2015 when I reviewed the HV-803 HV805 cheapo Bluetooth headphones.

So why another pair?

Well,  I listen to at least 4 hours per day of music and spoken word through my headphones.

I use them in harsh sporting environments  (heat, cold, water)

They unfortunately don't last too long.

I thought a spare pair might be appropriate and also ones that don't stick out so far, in other words headphones that have a chance of NOT falling out during exercise.

Agata meanwhile still smiles politely and her expensive Jaybird Bluebuds X headphones are still working fine.

This then is a review of the Bluedio Q5 bluetooth headphones.

The packaging (see above) and nice specifications on the box looked very impressive.  They agreed with my prior Internet research.


The cool thing about this design is that only a cable links the headphones, all the buttons are on the right ear headphone (nothing on the cord)

A variety of colours are available in theory but Green was all that I could order from eBay at the time

As per usual this product took over a month to arrive to darkest Switzerland

My first test was to connect it to my Android Lollipop level OnePlus phone and fire up the BBC iPlayer Radio.  Works fine.


- Comes with different sized ear buds to your taste
- Comes with white plastic wings to stop headphones falling out
- Initially the voice prompts (power on, bluetooth connected etc) were in Chinese and only Agata was able to press the buttons in the right order to change it.
- Easy to control the volume and start / stop with buttons on the right earphone

- Sound quality is excellent

- Okay for running, but does not sit as snugly as regular in ear headphones.

- At least 4 hours playback time

- Contains a microphone so can be used to answer phone calls


Android Connection

It all just works fine.  I've tested it with Android 4.4 and 5.0 and 5.1 on Nexus 5 and OnePlus.

The obvious things work, the pause of my Internet connected music by pressing the large button on the side and resuming when you press again.

Also switching from music to phone when a call comes in and resume afterwards.

For less than 20 GBP these headphones perform very well.  

They are OK not not great for running as they still stick out more than I would like.

Bluedio Q5 on ebay