Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Because Honesty Matters

Few of us or perhaps none of us have perfect lives according to our own standards and expectations.  But to Marcus and Agata this should never lead to disadvantageous dishonesty.

As the above photograph shows I've had an Apple sourced hard disk with the wordy Dodg that I had written on it about 1 year ago.   At last I have the time to investigate this disk further.

My first thoughts were that if I could get it to perform reliably after prolonged testing I would offer it up for sale on the popular  Swiss private sales  website Anibis.ch

But although the Hitachi manufactured, Apple Mac Mini Disk was certainly electrically and Software visible to Windows or OSX it could not be reliably read or written to.

So to be I would be lying if I had advertised the disk as 'working fine' and a buyer would have been disappointed or cheated if by buying in good faith they had expected a working product.

Plausible Ignorance
(Caveat emptor ... buyer beware)

For Marcus and Agata we are not infinitely wealthy, but we stand by our decisions and actions be they good or bad in an honest fashion.    We have known acquaintances (certainly not friends) who have

- Knowingly advertised as good, faulty or intermittently faulty goods for sale on ebay

- Knowingly advertised faulty goods for sale in Switzerland on anibis

- Broken their hard drive and tried to resell it anyway

- Placed their Apple computer in a bath of water to break it so they can return it via their Apple Plus warranty

- Broken their games console whilst trying to hack it and repacked it up to take back to the shop claiming "unknown, sudden failure"

- Selling their mobile phone on an ebay like site then reporting this phone as lost to the contracted phone company for replacement under their /all risks/ initial purchase policy

If something we own breaks, then it's not acceptable to recoup the loss by dishonestly selling it on to a third party.

And so the hard drive is beyond repair.  All that is left is a disassembly to break down for parts.  As Engineers you never know when you might need those little screws :)

- All screws are removed and kept
- Hard Drives have magnets, useful as Fridge Magnets or the like
- Disk platters can be used as Zen, Coffee coasters

Coffee coaster platters are rescued.  Screws into the screws box.  The rest to the Electrical recycling at the local decheterie.

When something you own that is out of warranty breaks, accept the loss.  Don't pass on your misfortune to an innocent party using a dishonest sales technique.

Finally, recycle wherever possible.