Sunday, April 26, 2015

AWEH Apple Watch Event Horizon

I write here a tale of warning, rather as a preacher of End times might earnestly lecture to residents in the town square.  

Beware kind folk, for lo ...

I warn of the dystopian dangers that await us

as I witness the end of varied Technical Journalism, as the only plausible topic for reporting today vectors towards the Apple Watch, it's Applications or Accessories.

How have we got here?

Apple Watch Reveal

Apple has sensibly concluded that the way to expand is to address, and hopefully conquer, new markets.  For this they are to be applauded and highly commended.

Who could have predicted that their brave entry into the Smartphone market, an arena once dominated by Nokia or the Microsoft CE based Smartphone industry, would be the design that all others copied from without exception.

It's a lesson that Microsoft and IBM never executed to the smallest fraction of Apple.

Delay Delay Delay

The Apple Watch is late.  By at least 6 to 9 months, and it seems usefully so.

- I believe it has been technical issues that have held back production and availability

- But conveniently Apple has been able to take the best of what has been produced by Android and prototyped on Kickstarter (for example person to person interactions) and incorporated it into the 2015, gen1 product.

In this respect it has been slightly payback time as Apple has coincidentally? incorporated non Apple ideas into their first Watch offering.

So I have identified 4 sources of over reporting and it's logical culmination into something quite apocalyptic ...

01 Celebrities are Golden

If you are big name Celebrity, often in the public eye your luck is in.  Apple will gift you an exclusive Gold Apple Watch. I understand the Apple list includes Beyonce, Katy Perry and Karl Lagerfeld. This category is unique in that they are passively reporting on the Apple Watch, just by wearing it in their very public lives.

02 Tech Journos: You are Special

Brian Tong: Apple Watch shower

In early April, before public pre-orders were possible, Apple handed out review Apple Watch units to numerous tech journalists.  To repay the favour, journalists have been falling over themselves to laud out praises on what is still a fledgling product.  


03 Enthusiast Reporting

Wealthy Early Adopter individuals and / or prominent Bloggers have managed to buy or acquire an Apple Watch. They just can't help validating their speculative purchases to report enthusiastically and positively on the amazing fledgling Apple Watch applications and features.

04 Mainstream non Apple Press

Traditional Big media Newspaper, non Android, non Apple affiliated sites are becoming overrun with AWR   (Apple Watch Reporting).

Conclusion: AWR is basically unstoppable and people, we need caution dear readers to avoid the Event Horizon ...

Apple Watch Event Horizon (AWEH)
I pay homage to Douglas Adams and extend his concept 

The theory is summarised as such: As a society sinks into depression, the people of the society need to cheer themselves up by buying themselves gifts. This is usually done through the purchase of Apple products. As more money is spent on Apple merchandise, more Apple Stores are built, and competition begins to dwindle. This leads to more Apple purchases especially of new category products like the Apple Watch.

The above turns into a vicious cycle, causing other non Apple industries to decline.

Eventually the  Apple Event Horizon is reached,  where the only type of store economically viable to build is a Apple Store. And when the time is right Apple switches manufacturing to it's most profitable line  (as per its Shareholder mandate) and focuses all manufacturing on its most profitable Apple Watch.


At this point, society ceases to function, and the Economy collapses, sending a World into ruin.

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