Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anker 5 Port USB Charger

As time passes the number of gadgets that need USB charging seems to grow and grow.  In fact with the advent of USB 3.1 I believe that within the next 18 months most laptop too will be powered directly via USB.  But I digress.

Until recently at home in Switzerland we have made do with USB adapters usually supplied as standard by the manufacturer, or (yes, of course it's Apple) purchased separately because the powerful adapter you want, is extra.

As a subscriber to the xdadevelopers youtube channel  I was alerted to the Anker USB charger and it seems a low enough cost gismo to make a speculative buy ....

About 4 weeks later it arrived from Hong Kong.  [This kind of thing is not available in darkest Switzerland, come on!]

Single Mains in and 5 USB sockets out and upto 8 Amps total.  (40Watts).

So now 5 devices in the study are connected  (yes that is a 24 year old PC on the right.  I put the Anker unit close to him just to intimidate the old guy)

And I was so impressed that I bought a second unit  (yup, another 4 week wait) and plugged in our daytime running Bicycle lights and Logitech speaker in the basement too.

A great, modestly priced bit of kit at about 30GBP.  See below for full specification and ebay seller links


eBay Anker power brick
Anker 5 port official