Monday, April 06, 2015

Agata the Tired Less

A spot of Swimming at Bassins please

At the conclusion of another great Easter break Marcus has to give some kudos to darling Agata for humouring his wishes during the period.

We changed the Tyres

Winter tyres have not only a special squiggly tread pattern as shown above but are not designed to be driven in Summery temperatures.  Doing so can actually damage the tyre.

Now, with the super hot weather that we've been experiencing we have been putting off the change for at least 2 weeks now.  Marcus thought .. great, let's do this during the Easter vacation.

Normally Swiss people pay around 100CHF  (that's about 60 GBP) two times per year to swap between Winter and Summer tyres.

Obviously as economical people we think this is pretty insane, and in the year of 2015 with reduced funds, you can just forget about taking our huge and heavy tyres to the Garage ....

Marcus delegates all that heavy lifting to Agata as she raises up the car

The first time I have the decent (full frame) camera to take a picture of those glorious discs.  Enjoy.

Marcus the workman, still in his cycling clothing changing wheels

And Cycling

Why did Marcus still have cycling clothes on ......

Marcus took Agata on route 9, the impossibly steep climb upto Chalet Saint Denis for the daily exercise on Easter Monday.

You may have to click to zoom, but an one point it was so steep that I swear the hedgehog in the picture was ascending the hill faster than Marcus was.

We managed the 54Km cycle without issue and I can tell you it was seriously steeper than 13% up on some inclines.

Not Only But Also
During Easter Agata and Marcus made our daily Exercise together.  What could be better I ask you?

Walking to our local Church again

We did some car spotting

We contemplated the sacred festival of Pastover

 A walk to the fish farm

 More walking in Epalinges

Inspection of the local solitary Bee house and outdoor exercise park facilities

After swimming at the Bassins pool we felt obliged to walk around town.  People kept saying Good Afternoon to us, it was so polite and quaint, we loved it.

In Summary
We have had a wonderful Easter.  Agata and I have put in some good exercise even on Easter Monday, and this did not stop us from changing our Winter tyres with Agata's help and perseverance.