Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wireless Phone Charging 2015

I have been wireless charging my Google Nexus mobile phone since 2013.  How are we doing in 2015?

Well today I am using a Google Nexus 5 as my primary phone and it supports Wireless charging  (unlike some other phones in the household notably any iPhone or OnePlus).

Nexus 5 throws a spanner

In 2014 my Nexus 5 stopped all charging at one point.   But an upgrade to Android 5.x  (lollipop) has resurrected Wireless charging.

With that limitation I decided to invest in a second wireless charger since getting the first charger  to work was a nightmare.

Prices Have Dropped

Of course I headed to ebay.  Living in Switzerland where I regard everything as ultra expensive it was a pleasure to see that in Hong Kong I can buy a wireless charger for less than 10 GBP.   Including postage to Switzerland.

How do they do that!

Simple and understated.  Perfect!

In essence, if your device supports wireless charging it probably adheres to the Qi standard.  Look for that.

NB: Another Standard  Power Matters Aliiance  (PMA) is provided on other phones.  Example Samsung S6 (which actually supports both Qi and PMA)

Positioning Nightmare
Aligning the phone to charge was not just hit or miss. Sometimes it took me minutes to get it right.    Because, it often started, then stopped about 1 minute later, or worse kept repeatedly starting and stopping, with an annoying beep between states, and not resulting in any net charge.

So currently the charger sits on a paper template which details the best possible charging position for this specific phone and charger.

I have also found that taking the phone out of the thin protective case, which makes it closer to the charging surface helps a lot.

Overall I'm still a great fan or wireless charging.  Apple and Motorola have stepped up the game with magnetic  and idiot proof Smartwatch cradle attachments. This seems to be the way to go because it is still very position sensitive.


eBay wireless charger #2
IKEA wireless charging
Qi wireless charging std