Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Christian Science

In today's sermon I reflect upon the religious order known as Christian Science

A Sombre Background

When Marcus was growing up I was friends with what I thought was a pretty ideal family.    Great kids,  loving parents, nice home, money to live comfortably.  And then one of the parents got sick.

And, in a principled stand, they refused to take any medicine or treatment that could effect their recovery, and why?   Because they were Christian Scientists.

They died.

This was one of the watershed events that made me question not just my own religion of the time, but to ask some important questions:

Why am I in the religion that I am in?

What makes my religion true and the correct one and other people's religion false?

I conjectured that if  I had been born into this family, just a few miles away, then surely I too would be a Christian Scientist.

Now, to learn more you might first head over to the Wikipedia page on Christian Science  and of course research the founder and revealer  Mary Baker Eddy

If you have been raised in a predominantly Christian country you may already has some inkling as to the beliefs of Christian Science, in particular the stance that:

Drugs or  blood products or  blood transfusions or organ donation or life support are not acceptable.  The faithful Christian Scientist, when experiencing the error of illness, will call upon the Christian Science practitioner and not a medical doctor.

It is my recommendation though that to learn about Christian Science I would certainly also listen to this month's 

Oh No Podcast

Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy  have for some time investigated many religions and different aspects of spirituality.   This month of March they published their findings on Christian Science.

It will be an entertaining use of 83 minutes of your time

Download the Christian Science Podcast

Listen to the Podcast Here

Just to clarify

The word /science/ in Christian Science has absolutely nothing to do with Science as it is described in the English Language.

Although they believe in the Bible it is re-interpreted in such a way that most scholars do not classify this religion as Christian either. [Mary Baker Eddy stated that the Bible had been corrupted and instead her book named /Science and Health/ a work that was /uncontaminated by human hypotheses/ should instead be a believers primary reference.  The Bible's truths have their interpretation dictated divinely only through Mary Baker Eddy.]

To Summarise

Even if you do not accept the interpretation of Christian Science as explained in the Podcast, please contemplate the following question:  Discounting your upbringing, parental views and your special holy book(s): Why is your religion correct and all other religions wrong?

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