Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting Marcus out the Door

For a period of over 30 years now I,  Marcus,  have been apologising to family, landladies and now my wife Agata

It would seem that getting Marcus out of the Door is subject to a myriad of small, cumulative, yet ultimately effective, restraining factors summarised in the above diagram.

The Critical Self Analysis
I realise that I am very prone to completionism  (my made up word) and interruptism   (again, my made up word). Oh yes and parallelsim ...

- Completionism: The feeling that you have to finish something that you have started

- Interruptism: Means you are doing task x.  Task y interrputs you, so x is pushed to the stack.   In the middle of y, task z interrupts, so task y is pushed. Etcetera. Until multiple stack pop operations are complete.

- Parallelism: Means you always desire to start multiple automated parallel tasks off before leaving

I am still waiting

Agata is often to be found next to the exit door occasionally asking /Husband, what exactly are you doing?/

  • Answering email
  • Downloading latest Podcasts and synchronising iPod
  • Adding another audio book
  • Setting up the robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Setting off the dishwasher and washing machine
  • Starting the iDrive upload  (months to run)
  • Checking paper post, scanning, deleting
  • Feeding the Cats

And on the return now we are both slightly prone to

  • Putting our gadgets, players, phones, health monitors back to charge
  • Setting up the automated photo transfer programs  (from photos taken whilst out)
  • Putting away all that washing
  • If returning from sports, which happens multiple times per day showering, changing, and eating :(

And last but not least, writing the daily Blogpost!

Quaint or a Problem?
I can only apologise profusely to all who have been held up with Marcus' dithering.    In my defence I claim it's eminently rational, and be aware that in the case of an emergency I leave immediately.

Forgiveness please.

Enigma: Mea Culpa