Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple Watch and Apple Macbook

Marcus and Agata were out at an evening Gym Class on Monday night so it is not until Tuesday morning that we have had time to understand Apple's big announcement jamboree.

Whilst Apple many times raises the bar for innovation their holier than thou attitude and their traditionally walled garden makes us cautious of any product release.

So how did they do on Monday March 09, 2015?

If you only have time for 1 video catchup.  Try this:
Verge: 11 minutes with Apple Watch and Macbook

If you have more time then:

Apple Watch

Hands on with Apple Watch

Sportswatch Perspective

+ Step and Activity tracking
+ IPX7 Water resistance (better than I expected)
--It can do many things but needs an iPhone to work

(and for some sports like swimming you will definitely not be carrying one)
--- No GPS,  so again can't act independently from phone
+ Wide range of pricing. 
Actually I'm thrilled.  This shows the fanboys that you can spend modestly and get an entry level watch, but that what you really need for the best from Apple is money, and a lot of it.
? No word on being able to talk to Bicycle Cadence or Speed sensors via Bluetooth or Ant+

Apple Macbook

MKBHD: Macbook

Key features of USB-C

Laptop Perspective
+ Backlit keyboard, fanless,  1Kg 
= Retina display but 2340x1440 pels not 2560x1440 :( doh
+ Acceptable CPU power considering form factor
- Why only 8GB
- 480Pix webcam
- 2 USB-C connectors, one each side would have been the way to go, so you can use one for power and the other for data without a docking cable.  (And symmetrical!)
- New keys with limited travel, reports are that they are fine
+ For people with good eyes (not Marcus) then this 12" laptop might work.  I prefer at least 14

-- No user upgrades (no surprises here!)

Finally if you have  96 minutes of time then watch the original Keynote via the Web or on iTunes

Availability in Switzerland
I did not notice the Apple Watch!  Is it some sort of subtle dig at Switzerland, or did they sign a secret, no sell here agreement with the uber barons of the Swiss watchmaking industry?

Apple Store UK

Apple Store Switzerland

Summary Verdict

If I owned an iPhone and was in the market for a new (non MultiSports) Watch in 2015 then the Apple Watch would absolutely be top of my list.  There would be no other sensible choice possible.

And that is why Apple is about to steamroller into the Watch market at all price points eclipsing in this year of 2015 the sales of all existing makers from Android Wear to Rolex.