Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Agata and the User Acceptance Test

So thanks to Agata's recent bicycle issue I have been testing both Marcus's new Bicycle build and also Agata's recently fixed bicycle.

The User Acceptance Test

As Engineers we are both familiar with the idea of the Acceptance test.   In this case after Marcus's extensive checking and testing it was now upto Agata to verify that she was happy with the results ..

And so last weekend we set off on a 50Km ride ...

We ranged from about 510 metres to about 950 metres elevation and you can see that the profile contained several hills. Lots of opportunity to stress all the major bicycle components.

We only stopped once on the trip for a spot of lunch which was via some energy bars.   The temperature was cold enough and windy enough so that when we stopped we actually warmed up.  So starting up after lunch was a little bit of a torture.

Marcus' Pre Handover Checks!

I used the same checklist for Agata's bicycle that I used for my own, which I'll discuss in some more detail another day. Here it is:


Agata gave the bicycle repair the thumbs up, so we are good to go for the 2015 season.  Fantastico.