Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Sermon: [Not] The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

Marcus and Agata have just had both the privilege and pleasure to watch the biopic about the life of Stephen Hawking

Obviously as Scientists, Hawkings name and reputation are already known to us but we were unprepared for the bitter sweet sad triste of a film that had us rather tearful for substantial parts of the performance.

You see, we are both rather sentimental old Hectors

In Switzerland this film is only recently on General Cinema release but if you are in the UK or other European countries you may have to wait until May 2015 for the DVD or Blueray since it will have left the Box office by now.

Please take time to watch this film and of course take a read of any of Stephen's books, the most approachable is probably

A Brief History Of Time

Next: The Theory of Just One Thing

Religion over the last 100 years has had an increasingly uncomfortable relationship with Physicists  as their theories and opinions often run directly counter to that of God.

[note Marcus's comments relate principally to Christians and Christian apologists.  I suppose at least there is dialogue, however misguided IMHO.  By contrast some other religions, although claiming to be peaceful, attract followers who believe that your murder is quite justified for even the smallest drawing]

It is beyond the scope of this short article to refute the claims that Einstein et. al. were religious in the traditional sense  but for Physicists like  Krauss or Hawking we have one distinct advantage

They are alive and we can ask them

First let's start with a joke

Hawking and the Preacher

Hawking is a confirmed Atheist and he has backed up his viewpoint with many well thought out and publicly available statements

Hawking on Religion

For Marcus and Agata we believe that it is inconceivable that there can exist a caring and loving God that would have created or allowed the creation of the Motor Neuron disease. And further to subject even one of its creations, in this case Stephen Hawking, to this tragic burden.

The Outsider Test for Faith

This leads Marcus to ask primarily Christians to think about their faith and why they believe what they believe:

Loftus: Outsider Test for Faith (21 minutes)


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