Monday, February 09, 2015

Snow Ploughs Of Switzerland

Marcus does still reserve to resurrect the article that I had written about  Lausanne Warming  but right now with all the snow lying around .....

Well I've had a change of heart.

I've been soliciting photographs from friends and colleagues to bring you the exciting display of 

Snow Ploughs of Vaud, Switzerland!

First I would like to point out that on the first day of snow  in late January there was a brief morning of chaos as motorists had to slow down.

Since however Agata runs to work (even in the Snow) we are in favour that as much snow as possible should fall.

Sadly  we had about 3 days of decent snow and nothing much more during last week. So all we have is previous snowfall since temperatures are hovering between -3 and about 3 degrees right now

When I grow up I want to be like all the bigger brothers you will see below .....

 Your own personalised snow plough!

 Bin men are well prepared

 Manual Mode

 Church snow plough

Street cleaning machines are converted for winter

Actually a full blown piste machine at the local forest Chalet a Gobet.

 Semi Manual Mode

 Fully manual mode

So that is all to report for now.    Remember if you have any snow plough photographs that you can contribute, please send them to our Google Plus account.  Merci!