Monday, February 23, 2015

No Advertising including Superfish thanks

An interesting scandal to hit the security forums in the last week is the

Lenovo Superfish debacle

Of course the last week has been pretty traumatic for Security generically.

What is Superfish
Superfish is a visual search technology

Similarproducts uses this technology to add something into your web browser to analyse images that you are browsing and  display similar products /that you might find helpful/ ?

Too Much Advertising
Marcus and Agata already receive both quantitatively and qualitatively far too much advertising.  Since we are both heavy Internet and Browser users we are bombarded by constant streams of basically CRAP!

It's not just being particular, we are very particular, often not price sensitive, we prefer to intensively research our own products, thank you very much.

Example:  We have researched buying a Motorhome for over 18 months now: we have visited trade fairs, dealers, compared spec, done test hires.   The last thing we need is some dumbo web algorithm putting up it's great idea based on one days web search.  Piss off!

What is the Security Hole
Apart from the basic concept of Superfish and it's implementation being extremely offensive to us, there is also a security hole!

Quote: It is easy to extract the Superfish private key to its root CA certificate. This private key can be used to generate SSL certificates that a nefarious website can use to masquerade as a legit site.

More Examples

I began to think of more examples of infuriating advertising that assaults Marcus and Agata daily:

  • Our UK English TV programmes advertise a variety of quality and inexpensively priced goods we cannot buy because for now we are in Switzerland.  It is bloody torture.
  • The Swiss TV adverts in Swiss German:  A language that we have no idea with what they are talking about  (we can muddle thru the French only)
  • A vast array of paper crap in the letterbox with special offers for stuff we don't need or want
  • Billboards with again: stuff we'll never even consider
  • Internet sites stuffed with often dodgy advertising despite an array of tools like Add Block Plus and Disconnect.Me designed to shield us
  • Calls from companies offering to lower our mandatory Swiss Health Insurance.   Recently they have been calling our VOIP number.   How did they find that!!
  • YouTube pre-roll on Television.  In Switzerland we get a small set of boring and unfathomable Swiss-German adverts  in our French region of Switzerland.

So Advertisers
Marcus and Agata already sift through over 500 RSS articles daily.  Every day.  That is over 3000 articles per week including topics, products and services that we are interested and passionate about.   We ask you to send your advertising gimmicks elsewhere.   Thanks in advance.