Saturday, February 07, 2015

Geneva Motor Show 2015 Preview

Marcus' Internet tentacles are just beginning to receive information on the Geneva Motor Show 2015

Since Agata and Marcus live but 60Km away it would seem like an insult NOT to go.   And indeed, we shall go to the ball.

As ex car nuts the best thing about Motor Shows when you get older is that you can

a) Take lots of High Quality Pictures
b) Make fun of the Youths trying to get selfie shots 
c) Admire the cars, knowing that you don't want to own them  (even though you might have the cash)
d) Not take the event too seriously.

Logistics  (all you need to know!)

Palexpo exhbition centre is actually part of the Airport and Railway terminal complex.  Arrive to GVA Airport or the Geneva Airport Rail Station and you can walk right into the show.

UK attendees:  Take Easyjet from London Gatwick.     Train timetable.  There is an Android app on which you can buy digital tickets. Usually you can buy a special train and exhibition ticket.  It's mildly discounted but its key advantage is that you don't have to queue to buy a show ticket.   Note: In Switzerland 1/2 price rail ticket means pay half price because you bought the yearly half price subcription offer.  In other words, dear tourists, you will pay full price!

Hours are 05-15 March 2015.   Monday-Friday is 10.00 to 18.00 and weekends 09.00 to 19.00

It's going to be jam packed on week days so only choose the weekends as a last resort.

Adult ticket is 16 CHF   (1GBP is about 1.4 CHF)

There is a cloakroom, I'm guessing cost will be about 5CHF per item.  Recommended else you'll be carrying around your coat in a boiling hot exhibition centre.

There are multiple food stalls inside, all are pricey!

Marcus plans to take a shed load of hires photos at the show.  If you plan to take a camera think about a spare battery.   With getting in and out of cars all of the time a big camera  (or any clothes , rucksacks) are a considerable inconvenience I can assure you.

A free Ticket
If you live in Switzerland there are some tried and tested ways of getting a free ticket or two.   These normally involve stumbling into an Auto dealership, feigning interest in a car, and leaving your name and Address.    Even a brochure request has been know to do the trick.   Unfortunately this tactic has consequences

  • You have to go and talk to motor dealers  (we hate that)
  • They then know your address and will be forever sending you annoying mailshots
  • They will also be pestering you on the phone about /the car/ you said you were keen on.
All in all,  just pay the ticket price, it's small compared to the train fare or even the cost of a sandwich at the show anyway!

A press review or Two



Auto Express


Evo Magazine News


What Car

Our A priori Cynical Views

Audi R8, gen2
Well might actually be interesting.  If it is more than a clay mock up of course.

Ferrari 488 GTB
Because 458 BHP was just not enough right?

Ford Focus RS
If Ken Block can do a donut on stage I'm worried that the new 4 Wheel Drive might not be working as well as I want it to on a snowy mountain Swiss pass.

Honda NSX
As a previous NSX owner I'm pretty curious. I hear Geneva will be the Euro launch, but I am  99% sure cars will be inaccessible to the public.

Honda Civic Type R
Concept.  Still.  Are you frikkin kidding me?  The slowest ever reveal of a Type R car, ever, ever.  Honda you just don't get it  [anymore].

McLaren P1 GTR
Yes a great sales vehicle for the brand.  Overheard (allegedly) /Perhaps sir, though the P1 & P1 GTR looks nice, you might consider something you could actually drive regularly ... oh here it is the 650S/

Opel Karl/ Vauxhall Viva
Something for the maid or a punishment for the least favourite son

Porsche Cayman GT4
I predict massive crowds.   You'll never get close unless you call Porsche right now and get a hospitality pass.  Just don't ask them one question:  When is PDK coming?

Rolls Royce
Get onto the stand and assuming that ghastly 4WD is not present, compliment the sales staff about the /death of that horrid 4WD monstrosity you saw last year/ and check their response.

Always good to see
Koenigsegg and Corvette and McLaren, Pagani and Radical.

Meeting Up
So if you are thinking of trying to meet up with us there then find us and message us on Googly Plus

Geneva 2015 Exhibitors