Wednesday, February 18, 2015

End of Term: IKEA Fluorescent Light A0401

In Switzerland our apartment is some might say freakishly organised.

We are not fans of waste and so we are quite proud to announce the retirement of at least one type A0401 IKEA Fluorescent light.

We absolutely selected this light based on its superior simple design, and light output.  And it was trivially priced, though that was not really a consideration.

A fond Goodbye
The light still works 100% and I would really recommend it for your study or cave.   We still use one in the cave where its arms can be extended or contracted to spotlight the usually bicycle repairs that we are carrying out.

The features again

It has a beautifully simple design.   You first mount the clamp with the cylindrical hole pointing upwards.  Then slot in the lamp assembly and plug it in

The clamp is wide enough to fit around a whole host of IKEA products

 Not the highest quality adapter, they can hum a little

Probably the best feature.   11W of Fluorescent is very flippin bright.   To state the obvious 11W is a super low power consumption but I'd rank it as the equivalent light output to a 50W halogen spot.

It is for sale!
Feeling Bad for the Lamp

We don't follow the famous IKEA advert ethos, and so we don't want to junk our light but sell it at a modest price to somebody in Switzerland.  Here is the advert.

Why Goodbye
We continue to ask ourselves if we have 2 things that do X, can we instead just have one thing instead.

And so we have a new lighting technology that allows us to simplify our house lighting configuration and render these lights surplus.

Watch this space.

We just love simplification and minimalism.