Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ECB Caves Again?

CNBC Report

In case anybody had forgotten Monday Feb 16 was the deadline for Greece to request an extension to the current Bailout Loan programme that expires on Feb 28, 2015.

They walked out from the Eurogroup meeting without an agreement. Theoretically then that should have been it.

But wait ...

Now, although the above CNBC article is not official, signs are that the ECB has given in and crumbled.

Greece's brinkmanship wins again

Those idiots at the ECB has it would seem CAVED again

To be serious:  this Financial scandal   ( I'm talking about the ECB here note) is actually eclipsing the BBC, 30th Years of Eastenders Cliffhangers that I was watching earlier this evening.

And that is saying something

Overheard At the Bar
ECB: I'm going huff and puff and then totally cave in

What are they smoking?

Greek theatre

Another week to get your Euros out folks

The tail now officially wags the Dog

Please Sir, can I have some more, a lot more

So, about that future NIRP loan again