Friday, February 06, 2015

BBC Radio 4: Realising the Dream

As I stroll down a snow filled street in Lausanne this morning I am delighted to say that I am listening to BBC Radio 4 live.

Delighted because as a source of Entertainment, Education or  Enlightenment there is little that can compare the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)  Radio service.  And this is still [just] true today in 2015 even with the multitude of alternative Internet Options that I can also select.

But in fact it is the Internet that has made things possible as I always knew it would......

30 years ago
I could listen to BBC Radio 4 at home on the FM radio, or go out running with a pocket sized  FM radio, the size of a modern day iPod Nano

20 years ago
When living in America I could tune into the BBC World Service and enjoy many aspects of the Radio 4 programme broadcast on Short Wave

15 years ago
When living in Poland, I could just about stream BBC Radio 4 via a low speed Broadband Internet connection at home in Krakow

5 years ago
In Switzerland I could easily stream at home high quality BBC Radio 4 via the internet and indeed any BBC radio station, and go back in time upto 7 days


With a fast  (>30Mbps) Mobile Phone Internet connection I can walk down the street at home in Lausanne Switzerland and listen live to BBC Radio 4.  Or I can go back in time upto 30 days for this or any other BBC radio station.

Honestly,  it really is a dream come true!

BBC iPlayer Radio