Tuesday, February 24, 2015

21 Again


The title does in fact refer explicitly  to Marcus' daily steps goal which for 2015 is now upto to 

21,000 Steps Daily

Thank you Garmin
I reported on Feb 16th that my Garmin 920XT watch was absent, being repaired at the watch doctors. During that dark time there was no step monitoring. Now it is back and step counting and activity monitoring are back on. Wahoo!

How many steps?
In this Internet driven world of often violently differing opinions I find surprising agreement that 10K  (10,000) steps is a good target.

NHS: 10,000 steps

Since both Agata and Marcus have athletic pretensions for 2015 we adopted elevated targets.

Marcus:  Well in 2014 I thought if I'm supposed to do 10K steps, then as athletes we should just double it  ... to 20K.  And for 2015 I thought, it has to be more than in 2014, hence 21K.  On a regular day: simples. Some days I can even reach into  the 30's or 40's

Agata:  I let the Garmin adaptive step count decide (based on my historical step counts).  Currently it is set at about 16K steps daily.

So 2015 then?
I think we documented on this blog the more than 20 competitions that Marcus and Agata enrolled in 2014.  Now no podium greatness was achieved, but Marcus did have plans in 2014.

However the Cycling accident early on Thursday April 10,  2014 really crushed everything.  Despite running a Marathon a week later with busted ribs, overall, the years performance was grim.

The Outlook for 2015?

- Both of use have all our bits working

- Marcus hole in foot has healed
- We will both soon have all the time we can imagine to train hard and fast, every day
- So essentially time will not be a barrier
- Marcus has had a resurgence of his breathing difficulties, that needs to be fixed before any decent speeds can be achieved for any sport
- We both have body systems that favour long distance competitions, we'll never be sprinters, but we can always keep going

- The Race calendar for 2015 is being populated right now!

And so back to our step count.   Yes, our individual goals seems pretty reasonable and so we have to ask: 

How many steps are you walking/ running daily?

(Wednesday night)