Thursday, February 26, 2015

20Km distractions

The Lausanne 20Km run in April 2015 is one of the first  races of the sporting yearly calendar for Marcus and Agata.

An ideal way to prepare is actually to run the course.  Because then you know, especially for a hilly course like Lausanne, exactly how difficult it really is.

How much energy should you divert to the initial flat-ish section of the course?  What speed on the downhills? Actually running it is really the ultimate preparation ...

And so Marcus set off in his lunchbreak with this test in mind. How did it go?   Oh dear:

I was supposed to walk down to the start by the lakefront but by the time I had reached  Place Ripone I was running. Hmm

 Lots of urban regeneration going on here

The CRAP stalls were unfortunately fully in swing although I'd say it is a better kind of rubbish on sale here than in many other countries!

 The flying carpet stall was sadly deserted.

I approached Renens.  Now I will offer a free dinner to anybody who can tell me how long this van has been there and why!

Although it looked sunny it was actually very cold. About 2 degrees Centigrade I estimate

The Renens open air pool looked fantastic.  But Closed :-(  I think it opens in May or thereabouts.

I was so close to the 20Km start but I got totally distracted.  I found the EPFL University running track instead.

Almost deserted. It has a lake and mountain view.  Just totally stunning.  I found the icy cold air actually helped me to run faster.  I practised Fartlek training here and thought I would totally give up on the 20Km route training plan for today and just run home the scenic way ....

Man with guitar, by the lake, strumming along, looking over at the Snow capped mountains.   Tough life.

I thought I would do some endurance /run in the sand/ training

Next, I passed the darling wife's office to say hello to Agata.  As can be seen she was very busy and did not have time for that romantic lakeside walk.

 I saw some interesting Engineering exhibits.  

Now every year we pay ECA insurance money against natural disasters and fire.

I find they are spending my money on fancy cranes.

They have also ammassed a large quantity of kindling and firewood.  What is going on!

I continued my lakefront run.   Killer views of the mountains in the distance. It does not get much more beautiful than this.

 The countdown to the next Olympics clock ... 1079 days it says

As I got near Mon Repos I noticed I had passed 20Km running already.  So I'm going to stop now and finish the day with a long swim.

I will make the 20km route test another day I hope.

33K steps today (and the swimming).  Surely that is enough exercise?