Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Backup Apartment

Agata and Marcus have a new interest!

Apartment / New home searching.

We currently live in Lausanne Switzerland because this is where our work is.

In the future however our work might be anywhere ( or nowhere ) and so we are thinking of moving to a more cost efficient home.

Lausanne Apartment

+ Close to the metro, however we run or cycle to work / town!

+ Close-ish to the shops, however we never use them
+ Close-ish to restaurants, however we rarely visit them
+ In North Lausanne and far enough out that nobody seems to want to visit us
+ In Lausanne and some 8 plus years later Marcus's family is apparently still to busy to visit from England.  Now that is busy right?
+ Ultra quiet area, except the elephants that live under us stomp about  (and by a structural freak we can hear every step)
+ Secure Garage underground
- Garage too low for a motorhome!
+ Fibre Internet, although it took over 2 years to arrive, we do now have it
+ We are near the mountains which is good for running and Cycling exercises
+ We have an open air 50 metre pool but it is not open all year around
+ We have a 300 metre running track within 5Km of us
- Massive yearly service charge

New Country Home

+ House prices might be upto 40% cheaper

- But the Swiss House price bubble continues, already UBS advised caution in Jan 2014 (not 2015!)
+ Due to Swiss Money printing interest rates are low, but how long can it last!

+ May be in the middle of nowhere, but do we care? No, not really
+ What about getting snowed in?  We'll just wait for a thaw!  (Assumes we are not working)
+ Still pretty safe (we think)

+ Low or No yearly service charge, but might need to mow the lawn ourselves
+ Even quieter than living in the city
++ Space to park a motorhome  (else we won't buy it)

Our new Hobby Then

We plan to visit neighbouring areas looking for cost efficient new homes to buy.

We will start by a trail run/ jog around the town to determine whether it meets our very picky requirements especially for sports facilities!

Whilst house prices in Switzerland and in canton of Vaud are at a stratospherically high value, what else can you do?  (UBS cautioned 12 months ago that there was a bubble on top of a bubble, but since then the only price rise has been sharply up).  

Swiss NIRP policy coming Feb 2015, will no doubt depress mortgage rates further, making it easier for people more money that they have no hope of paying back should interest rates rise by even a smigin.