Thursday, January 01, 2015

Steppin Out into 2015

Marcus and Agata are just back from a wonderful New Years Eve party.  Oh so simple, yet we managed to battle quite a chilly environment in search of enjoyment

Given the chilly weather we made elaborate preparations to stay warm.  

Equipped with a mixture of Decathlon and Under Armour technical sports clothing we felt prepared for the weathers  challenges ...

The most intensely embarrassing logos, yet it is Marcus's warmest jacket so I am wearing it regardless!

We took energy tablets for the long stroll home ...

We saw a number of big trees.

 The concert was actually a lot better than we had expected.  Exceptional sound quality!

 We smiled in the New Year

And the icing on the cake was an almost 10Km early morning stroll thru the City Streets towards home.

And so our New Year's resolution is that we plan to make 2015 our best year ever.  Stay tuned and let the top secret plans unfold.

Joe Jackson:Steppin Out