Wednesday, January 07, 2015

End of Term: Russell Hobbs Juicer

Notes: See also the Product Return Ratio (PuRR)

It is the end of the line for the Russell Hobbs Juicer that has served us well during 2014.

Why Juice?
I've covered this topic before.   But in terms of health, unpasteurised, freshly squeezed juice contains no artificial additives and also some enzymes and nutrients that are thought to be beneficial.

Also, it's substantially cheaper than buying freshly squeezed orange juice at the shops if it is available, this having being pasteurised though  (and hence is without the crucial enzymes, so the only comparable way without a home juicer is to visit a supermarket that allows you to self squeeze and bottle and take away orange juice in a carton)

Not Whole Fruit Juicing
The fruits I want to juice are primarily  Oranges, Grapefruits and Pomegranates.   These are not suitable for a While Fruit juicer since the human body will get very sick if you eat the uncooked skin of these fruits.

In other words the Whole Fruit juicers that take say; washed Apples or vegetables like carrots are not for me.

And Be Careful
Please be aware though:

+ Orange juice squeezed by you from Oranges is unpasteurised  (good!)
+ Pasteurisation is present in even shop sold /freshly squeezed/ juices & reduces Vit C content and removes some beneficial enzymes
+ Example Beneficial Polyphenols, see literature
- Orange juice contains the same calories as regular coke.  Really beware!
- PH4 is acidic and too much juice is bad for the stomach

+ Strong 100 Watt Motor that makes easy work of my fruits
- A little noisy  (but well it takes < 5 minutes to do a litre of juice)
+ 3 attachments to wash for simplicity
- The metal top component is a bit fiddly to wash   (God, I'm picky!)
++ Special speed boost mode to (via centrifugal action) squeeze out the last juices.

This juicer lasted 8 months and in that time juiced at least 500GBP of fruit, and the cost of the machine was about 50GBP.  So the PuRR ratio is at least 10!

Let us Juice
Upgrading the Juicer
Pomegranate in 5 minutes