Friday, January 23, 2015

Blue Blood too rich for Switzerland

Michael: Blood on the Dance Floor

Since we like to make a positive difference, on Agata's recent brief holiday Marcus and Agata decided to give blood at our local clinic in Epalinges, Switzerland.

The results were unexpected ....

We eventually found the offices in Epalinges less than 1Km from home.

We each had to fill in the above form  (and more).  Marcus was extremely impressed that the form is available in English  (Agata completed it in French because she is a very smart bunny).

We were then subjected to free Coffee, sandwiches, snacks or other foods whilst we queued to see a nurse.   We went for our respective interviews.

Note the distribution of age and sex for blood donation.

It turns out that you can't use an interpreter but must answer the questions to the nurse directly and they check this against your answers.  There were many attempts to check Marcus's age!

It all seemed to be going oh so well ...


Marcus gets some Chocolate

A nice doctor came and told me in perfect English that my British blue blood was not good enough for Switzerland. The rule.

You have spent more than a total of 6 months in England in the entire period 1980 to 1996 

disqualifiies me.  Still!

As a conciliation prize a nurse gave be a custom Cailler Sublim Noir chocolate bar.    Marcus appreciated the gift but was extremely disappointed about being denied blood donation!

(We had known about this rule after our visit in 2010  but we had read in a newspaper, clearly in error that the Mad Cow rule for British people had been removed)

Meanwhile Agata donated 500ml of her premium blood and skipped away 500 grams lighter.   Marcus was now even more jealous!

Giving blood in 2010