Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Working to Live?

Depeche Mode: Get the Balance Right

I am going to propose a small and simple thought experiment which whilst not perfect is Marcus suggests more true than not true.

This experiment is only valid for those of you who regard Christmas as a special time of year.   This (of course) says nothing about one's religion or lack of it.

Christmas in 2014 is Thursday December 25

Let's assume that Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24 is spent travelling

So what are you doing on the day before?  If you are working upto the last minute, and then travelling all Thursday then IMHO

You don't dignify Christmas

You did not give it a build up, an anticipation,  you again prioritised your work over the Christmas journey.

Dignified Events
All of us have significant events in our lives. If we continue to fit these in around our work, prioritising work over everything and anything else then I am very much afraid your work life balance is mismatched.

My significant life events include

Death of parent(s) or siblings
Birth of your child or that of a close relative
Marriage and Divorce
A new home or leaving an old one
Christmas, New Year
My Birthday or that of partners/relations
Accident or serious illness

Assuming that you celebrate Christmas as a special occasion then you should take time to prepare for this special event.

If you can't be bothered to dignify this significant event whether you are religious or not, then it is quite possible that you are (mistakenly)

Living to Work

and not

Working to Live


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