Monday, December 08, 2014

Unlimited Plans

Numberphile: Infinity

This weeks marks the start of an important change to our Digital lives in Switzerland ...

Unlimited Data and Telephony

Many things in Switzerland, certainly in the Technology and Digital sphere might be regarded as, well, backward.  As such whereas unlimited mobile phone data or call plans have been available in England for years, and are now the norm, the equivalent in Switzerland is either unavailable or possibly costly!

Grumpy digression:

Here is the Swisscom tariff for example and you will note that 169 CHF per month is over 100GBP and more than 180 USD.  WOW!  (Ah yes, this does not include the phone, for which you are going to pay extra)

Anyway, I don't want to moan on about plans and costs, suffice to say that Marcus has now selected

a) Unlimited Home Fibre Internet
b) Unlimited Smartphone Calls and Internet

Why is Unlimited Sooo Good?

  1. The main point is that we don't want to have to curtail our /normal/ usage because of some monthly cap.
  2. A small example, I could blow my old 1GB  (GigaByte) data allowance watching just a few minutes of YouTube at its' highest downloadable resolution.
  3. So I don't want to be continually checking my remaining capacity over the course of the month and artificially tailoring my activities accordingly
  4. All our home telephone, and TV signals now come down via the Internet feed.   This can add up to multiple GB per month.   We need unlimited!

    I describe the following new behaviours that unlimited makes possible:
  5. I can stream BBC Radio 4 to my smartphone and as I walk out of the door have it seamlessly switch from Home Wifi to 4G based cellular carrier.   I no longer worry about it busting the GB budget
  6. I can take photos and videos whilst out and about and have them immediately uploaded to the Cloud (via cellular)
  7. I can stream and listen to upto my 20,000 songs stored free on Google Play Music from my cellphone  (via cellular)
  8. I can sit in a Coffee shop and use my own secure Cellular Internet connection to browse the Internet without having to beg or pay for the Coffeeshop wifi that may not be secure.
  9. I can make calls to Darling Agata or send her SMS without regard to the astronomically steep charges I had on Pay as You Go  (Yes in 2014 I was emarassingly asking myself ... do I need to send her that SMS because it is so costly!)
  10. I can watch YouTube videos and use other high bandwith applications whilst on the tube home.

The switch to unlimited data is just wonderful.  In Switzerland the new Orange plans are really unlimited.  In other words there is absolutely no cap.

NB: The only downside is when the Internet is down: