Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Shoe Difference

It is not just the categories of electronics, computers, clothes.  Practically every aspect of Marcus and Agata's inventory has to work hard during it's life.

As you can see above the Salomon SpeedCross 3 shoes really need replacing.

And then I thought?

Surely Shoes are different. [to other aspects of attire such as Clothing]

With shoes I would suggest the following:

  • Most casual, sports or business shoes don't cost a fortune considering how many hours we would use them for
  • Clothes can become tatty and yet still functionally usable, but when a shoe deteriorates it is normally a greater issue:
  • It can let in water, from above or below, it can fail to provide physical protection from stones or debris, and, it can fail to provide the correct support leading to a lifetime of foot issues.
  • The last point, foot problems, is particularly poignant to Marcus since I've personal experience of multiple family members who have neglected their feet and have consequently became almost unable to walk in later life.
  • As a test you can try going for 24 hours without walking, i.e. crawling only is allowed.  See how you get on, and then realise that you should not mess with the longterm health of your feet.
  • Sidebar: Obviously if you wear High Heeled shoes I desperately want to ask you the question.  Why?

I think Marcus and Agata reckon on running (say) upto 5,000 Km each per year and this translates into a constant stream of new running shoe orders.

So here is the replacement ... Another pair of:

Salomon Speedcross 3 CS available from Wiggle UK for 80 GBP + taxes.

I did try desperately to wait for the Speedcross 4, but they are not yet announced.  Bad timing Marcus.

As usual Salomon trail shoes have bonkers sizing, until you know your size, buy from a local shop unless mail ordering and returns is easily possible.

Salomon makes quite a few iterations of the shoe with the basic version being about 30 grams lighter than the others.   There are normal, Clima Shield  (Waterproof), GTX (Goretex Waterpoof), SpikeCross  (With metal spikes for snow adhesion).

I selected the CS Clima Shield.  This is a good Waterproof shoe and small uplift in cost to the basic model, although heavier.

I've always wanted the SpikeCross but these can't be used on normal tarmac due to the small metal spikes, so if this Winter 2014/ Spring 2015 we do enough dedicated Snow running (in the mountains or if it snows frequently) then, and only then,  will I consider a dedicated extra pair.

 All variants have the Salomon speed lacing system

Rather regretfully in 2014 this Clima Shield version is now quite a heavy 341 grams per shoe.

Buy the shoes you need to correctly support and cushion your feet.  Always buy activity specific shoes  (business, running, cycling, etcetera).