Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Swiffy is Back

Joni Mitchell:  Yellow Taxi

Now I know that comparisons with the above classic are a little stretched, but the Agata and Marcus household are rather pleased that

Swiffy is back!

Swiffy is the given name to an important robot that we have rather overlooked in our uber clean household.   Officially he is a /mere/ iRobot Roomba Braava 320.  We have reviewed him here

However since his arrival in February 2014 Marcus has began to use him more and more frequently and has rather taken him for granted.

Until he, (Swiffy, not marcus!) suffered a breakdown about 2 weeks ago.

Marcus really failed to realise what a fantastic job he was doing, until he was gone!

Keeping our floors absolutely spotlessly clean

 By picking up dirt like this

 Automated cleaning with a GPS like assisted sensor

After some disassembly there have been some emergency repairs.   All is now well again, and we hope he won't fall sick again in the near future.

Seriously though, we are really delighted with the performance and operation of our Braava 320 and after reading our initial review  we also comment

  1. He is totally silent.  This means he can operate without annoyance whilst you are in the house, even in the same room whilst you are on the phone in a conference call.
  2. The setup for wet or dry operation is to apply a wet pad with fluid or dry pad with wax,  place the Northstar cube, and then the on cleaning button.  That simple.  Takes less than 60 seconds.
  3. The cleaning of the dirty pad is down the sink initially and then into the washing machine.  Again this operation takes less than 60 seconds
  4. Swiffy gets to do a clean at least 3 times a day   (1 wet and 2 dry).  He needs to clean about a 100 square metre surface area.
  5. Marcus noticed that whilst Swiffy was ill, marcus DID NOT reliably clean every day like he should have done.  Let alone 3 times a day Swiffy standard.   It seemed to be an activity that could be put off when I had to do it.  So using Swiffy really works because the setup and pad cleaning time is so trivial.
  6. We thought that the Wet fluid cleaning reservoir on the more expensive model would be required, but actually for our kitchen tiled floor we find the wet pad on its own  (without reservoir) works just fine.  So now in retrospect we realise that by chance the cheaper 320 model suits us just fine.
  7. Like with other iRobot products you have to keep the floor clear of cables and obstructions and actually this forces one to be tidy.  Which is good.

So our tiny apartment is again super spotless, and whilst Marcus does get out the Dyson vacuum every few days, this is now again more optional than mandatory.