Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sunday Sermon: It is what you do from now

It is what you do from now

I hope that you can play this 40 second extract of the UK Television series Derek.

For a long time I had dismissed the accomplishments of the comedian Ricky Gervais  based on what I had once regarded as his obnoxious television series   The Office

But over time I have had an epiphany and RG now has a place in my heart and on my laminated card of personal heroes.

I think the turning point was the discovery of his film  (actor and director)  The invention of Lying

But the purpose of today's sermon is simply to ask you to view the television series Derek  where Ricky plays a 50 year old care worker in an old people's home.

The series includes

A lot of vulgarity

A lot of profanity
Characters who are mentally not well adjusted

An introduction to Derek

However the actions of Derek are somewhat transcendent and through his simple actions and behaviour you can learn a lot about your own and other peoples humanity.

Series 1  broadcast in 2013 is available now on Amazon

Series 2 has it's last episode on Monday December 22, 22.00 UK time.    And then it too is available from Amazon

Derek; The final chapter
In the run up to Christmas I think that a dose of Derek, preferably the finale, or the entire Series 2, or both Series 1 and 2 if you are a newbie; would set you up for a more caring, forgiving and meaningful Christmas.  And hopefully the effect will extend into 2015 and beyond.