Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reasons Greetings 2014

In Switzerland it is both legal and Marcus and Agata would say essential to print out customised stamps for this time of year, the above being our seasonal example.

So to all our friends and family,  Marcus and Agata wish you Reasons Greetings 2014.

And here is our 2014 collection of Seasonal Images

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Just fixing the kitty tree

The thinking persons collection

Wow, look at those presents!

Never mind the waistline for Christmas Lunch

 Post Christmas Lunch 2014

A Christmas afternoon game?

 Our thoughts are with you Homee.

I have no idea how this happened

Oh please no!

 You spin me round

Feline greetings

 So warm in Lausanne Switzerland, no Snow

This is a really boring Christmas Party

Post party it is time to nap

Let us not forget

FSM is the light of the Universe
Have Faith