Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Sermon: Please don't let it be a Muslim

Chris Rock: Crazy

This is a short response to the ongoing Sydney Siege on December 15 2014

I do remember the days when Chris Rock, (the Black American Comedian and a personal hero of mine) used to do a routine on his stage show about being crazy. And, how interactions in the workplace were awkward if you shared the same Ethnic origin of the perpetrator.   

The above audio clip refers.

Today a similar dilemma faces people of Religious faith. In particular Muslims, since worldwide there continue to be many self celebrated acts of barbarism and brutality that are perpetrated by people claiming to represent the religion of Islam.

Tony Abbott: Very Disturbing   (original since taken down)

In this respect I feel that Australian Prime Minister; Tony Abbott was being deliberately misleading when he continually stressed the possible /political motivations/ of the attacker(s).
(original video has now been removed and above one changes emphasis and waters down political ... hmmm)

The facts of the ongoing siege are not public but indications would lead me to think that it is Religiously motivated. Please watch the Abbott video clip again and substitute the word Religiously for Politically.

And SO
My advice to thinking and peaceful Muslims would be in this form:

I used to live in a peaceful neighbourhood.

Over time my neighbourhood changed.  Violence became commonplace.

Insiders continued to made excuses that it was the fault of others outside of the neighbourhood.

I left the neighbourhood

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