Monday, December 29, 2014

Let's get this Video Party Started

Zhu: Faded

Once Marcus was invited to a rather posh party but amidst the black tie goodness was the crushing reality that I had been seated next to a hive of bigots, privileged and testosterone filled young men who thought they were not only always right but worth listening to.

And so as Agata and I plan for a New Years Eve celebration we consider

- Location, Location, Location (safe and legal and not flippin too cold)
- The right friends (bores need not attend)
- The right music (something to dance to)

Obviously as extremely particular people there is always a temptation to be defeatist and stay at a home,  but all things considered, we are determined to make it outside  IRL somewhere.

Before that, we put together some of our 2014 favourite warmup videos ... enjoy

Route 94: My Love

Lilly Wood: Prayer in C

Kiesza: Hideaway

Duke Dumont: Need You

Lily Allen: Hard Out There

John Newman:Blame

Clean Bandit:Rather Be

Zedd: Stay the Night

So kids,  just remember, whilst the quality of the music is going to be a pre requisite, what is going to make the New Years Eve party is simply good company.

Zedd Documentary