Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lausanne Midnight Christmas Run 2014

We are delighted to report that Agata, Jenny and Marcus have just completed the Lausanne Christmas run 2014.

As Lausanne residents and runners we felt it was our duty to participate.

Construction of the Marquis started a few days ago, Marcus has been monitoring the progress as he usually smoozes past it on one of his daily runs.

Lausanne being a small-ish town we were not too surprised to have bumped into Jenny early one morning last week whilst out running.

We agreed that we would try to do the Christmas run and so we met late Saturday evening and then walked down the /mountain/ into town.

And then we bumped into Medalit!  Medalit was doing her usual volunteering work for the race, giving pre race advise and guidance to competitors.

The finish line and in the background is a  red Datasport Van stuffed full of timing electronics.

Before the race it was very very crowded!

And then we set off.  And then it felt really crowded.  After a few minutes it became clear that with all the traffic we might as well just cruise along and take it easy 

Still, we  all put in a good effort. Special mention to Jenny because she was running with her post race clothes in her rucksack as ballast.

The course is quite hilly but despite that we completed the 7.5Km distance in about 35 minutes.  Not bad for a post dinner race, late on a Saturday night.

Mind you it was freakishly warm (9 degrees) which was a help to us all

 After the finish ....

We headed to the Marquis.  It seemed like most of Lausanne was there!

Now we can walk back home and pat ourselves on the back knowing that we've done our local Christmas race duty for 2014.

Lausanne Christmas Run 2014