Sunday, December 14, 2014

I can sleep anytime

Marcus would like to claim that he follows the Jack Reacher school of sleeping:

Sleep when you can, because you never know when you're going to sleep again.

In fact as the years pass by sleep is not so much a necessity more of a demanded or justified luxury.

In earlier times and befitting a career in the IT industry Marcus was proud to state that his nightly sleep quota would average out at about 5 hours.   I would famously say and still feel that if I goto sleep after 03.00 in the morning then I will certainly be grumpy to rise at 07.00, but 08.00 would be just fine.

But today I am reformed and would say that

  • Even if you can survive on a consistently shorter sleep cycle, you can also appreciate how delicious it is to sleep longer.
  • I'm now a personal advocate of 8 hours sleep per day, including an afternoon nap of about 1 hour
  • If you invite me over don't be offended if after chatting and getting very comfy I take a nap right then and there

So let's hear it for a lifestyle that includes a respectable amount of sleep per night leaving us fitter and more alive to face the challenges of the coming day.