Thursday, December 04, 2014

Good Talk, Good Life

Peter Gabriel: Come talk to Me

With Agata and Marcus being unusually separated in the last week; Marcus has tried to take up the slack by talking with friends near and far.

And Marcus has had the chance to re-learn what he always knew. And that is, in depth person to person communication lays down the bedrock of meaningful existence.   Ideally face to face, but over a Skype or Google Hangouts channel as necessary.

What have been the topics that Marcus liked most? 


  • Life, loves and experiences
  • Retirement Planning
  • Race Planning for 2015
  • Winter Training 2014
  • Race tales of 2014 and those sports injuries
  • The latest atrocity from those claiming to represent the /religion of peace/
  • US and European financial developments
  • Climate Change
  • Healthy Living
  • The case for OCD
  • Starting a career in this 2014 world of Outsourcing and Free Services
  • Trying to finish a career meaningfully in this 2014 now dominated by low cost Outsourcing
  • Any first world problem so long as it leads to humour and reflection

Not So Great

  • Any Celebrity talk, unless it is a first hand recollection
  • Airport delays, awkward flights or other totally mind blowing banal travel trivialities
  • Generic weather issues
  • People who are dying or close to death
  • First world problems where the talker is really outraged!
  • The good old days

So the next time some terrible bore tells you about the unavailability of their favourite canapĂ© in their Airport Executive lounge, simply walk away or ask them to switch gears to something more meaningful.