Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Needs

Christmas needs your time, conversation, and good cheer with friends and family.  And perhaps indulgence with a very small i.   

What it does not need however is an ocean of Christmas TAT, of mindless, unloved, unwarranted and wasteful presents and expenditure that really represent Global absurdity.

In many countries the shops will again have re-opened on this day after Christmas (known as Boxing day in England).  But I ask you to stay strong.  A Retail therapy session is not best advised IMHO.

And Instead
With all the time and money that you have saved, you can also invest in your own health.

Yes, in the framework of /practice what we preach/ we can say that even on Christmas day as shown above Marcus and Agata managed our daily step count.

Now if you exceed this number, then fine you are converted.  Conversely if you are at the other end of the scale if you don't do anything then you can start by taking a short walk at the end of any meal or snack.  And go for a daily target of initially 1-2K, then 5K and then higher!