Friday, December 26, 2014

Choosing a Towel

This post is simply as the title suggests:

Choosing a towel!

In our lifestyles we take at least 2 and perhaps many more showers per day. And so having a decent quality towel is a fine end to the senses after a long relaxing hot shower  (usually at the end of some extended exercise).

Agata and Marcus have talked about it and we can't understand why one would not carefully select the very best towels for your needs, especially as really fine towels cost below  30GBP   (50 USD, 50 CHF)

Not Stealing

Hotel towels are of excellent quality.  However taking hotel towels is stealing and so we neither practice and actually frown on this behaviour.

Some of the Parameters

  • What will you use the towel for and where will you use it?
  • Is weight important?
  • Is cost [really] a factor?
  • Do you regularly change the towels anyway?
  • Choice of different sizes for purpose hand, bath, swim, beach etcetera.

The above picture comes from John Lewis in the UK which very helpfully explains their hierachy of towels, with the best being at the bottom (Suvin Cotton) although Suprima Cotton is heavier.

Many people stop at Egypian cotton which we would suggest is a mistake. On the John Lewis scale I would select Suprima Cotton.

We buy most of our towels in the UK and ship them back to Switzerland, the UK has a big supply from stores like John Lewis and House of Fraser.

Marcus and Agata admit to being particular.  We would be horrified to think of buying a towel without due research and understanding what we would be using it for.  And we'd be equally horrified if somebody just bought a random towel for us /because it looked nice/.   Towels don't cost much so choose the best ones for your needs!