Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chargeable Internet moves to the Skies

Today was a Good [Internet] Day

I was interested to read today about the cost of a Wi-Fi connection on some American domestic flights shown here in this Maphappy article

Agata continues to remind me that my prediction about personal unlimited Internet at home, and in fact throughout Switzerland is now a reality in 2014.   And my second dream, that of widely available and free Internet outside the home is slowly becoming a reality

Unmetered Home and Phone Based Internet

In December 2014  I wrote this  and essentially Marcus now enjoys totally unlimited Internet anywhere in Switzerland.

It's radically changed my connected lifestyle. Example:

I take the metro home most days and via my Android smartphone, and at its full HD 1920x1080 pixel display resolution; work my way thru my new daily YouTube videos based on my subscriptions. 

Swiss Free Internet

Our home town of Lausanne now has citywide free Internet, although the number of actual access points is still rather limited

Geneva Airport has free wi-fi, well for an hour or two, after signup

Most coffee shops  (Starbucks) or Fastfood (McDonalds) offer free wi-fi

Many hotels provide free wi-fi

Some restaurants  (but not enough) provide free wi-fi

Free / Unmetered Internet in Europe

Marcus and Agata can speak from experience from our home countries of England and Poland.

In both countries 4G phone internet connections are widespread offering (say) 40Mb/sec download speeds and large or unlimited data plans at sensible prices:

 UK: 15GBP Data Only Plan.  1 month.

UK: 15GBP.  Unlimited Data. 4G.  1month

On a point of principle we insist on free Hotel wi-fi.  If it's not free then you can forget about us booking with you!

And so the chargeable Internet moves to the Air

Well, within Europe I have yet to find any Internet possibilities on any plane journey!   But after Google searching it appears that US airlines have it, and it is without exception chargeable.

So the move to the guaranteed chargeable Internet has moved from the ground into the Air!

I do look forward to the day when a basic level of Internet is free to use at all points of the Developed world on land, and sea, and in the air.

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