Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Joyous Year

Marcus and Agata have a few thoughts about the outgoing year of 2014 ...

00. Not Working
Grandmaster: The Message

Marcus has spent most of 2014 looking for employment. Work has been performed, but financial gain, that has been lacking.  I recognise that a perfect job is hard to find, but I'd settle for just a decent employer.  Before poverty strikes. Anybody?

01. Accidents and Pain

2014 was planned to be a year of exercise and achievement.  Unfortunately in April Marcus suffered a collision with a motorcycle  (not my fault) and busted ribs, which took a literally agonizing 6 months to recover.

Then just as Marcus regenerated a lung infection struck meaning that I could not breathe, even walking up a flight of stairs had me gasping at anything beyond a 60 plus heartrate.

So Marcus's aspirations of exercising greatness have been postponed until 2015. 

02. Internet everywhere

(LTE speeds in Lausanne are usually between 30 and 70 Mbps download)

We now have unmetered Internet both at home and whilst mobile anywhere in Switzerland.  And we've tested out the economics and practicality of 4G/LTE mobile internet living in developed countries we might near-term relocate to.

We now rely on a fast and reliable connection for our music, media, news feeds, backup, voice/video communications, shopping, research, education and more.  Besides each other it's our single most important enabler.

03. Cats

The Cats at home in Lausanne have become Marcus's daily companions.   I can fantasise that we have a meaningful relationship but in reality I recognise that they have me quite well trained as an enthusiastic feeding machine.

04. A fantastic Wife
Coldplay: Always in my head

Agata has been the bestest partner that Marcus could possibly imagine.

As Geeks and strongly secular we hope that our example shines through.  If we can find each other, by ourselves, with our extremely particular, possibly paranoid list of pre-requisites, without the help of imaginary friends then we ask those of you trapped within the framework of unhappiness to make a plan for a positive change. We only have the one life that we know about.  Don't waste it.

05. A better Diet
(Another Cale Superfood snack)

Marcus and Agata have resolved to eat more healthily and this means dropping unhealthy food groups entirely, and eating less processed food.

Of course all this comes at a financial cost and at the expense of time, so don't kid yourself that this option is open to all but the few.

06. We didn't buy anything [expensive]

In the spirit of economy, restraint and really just common sense; our budgets have been significantly tightened.  I can see the Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche and Aston Martin dealers in Lausanne in tears :-)

07. We junked a lot of things!

We further prepare our future selves for a life of mobility and minimalism.  As such we ask of everything that we own:  Do we still need it?  If we have many of something, how many more than 1 shall we keep for the future.

08. We Cycled and Ran and Swam

Despite injury, both Marcus and Agata tried our hardest to exercise.  We have found the sports that we now love and so participation is now a pleasure not a chore.   

Our totals for 2014 are easily into the 5 figure Km mark.  We are pleased. We participated in over 20 races including:

100Km Race to the Stones Run

180Km Cylotour

Mont Ventoux Cycling

Stockholm Marathon

Daily exercise that you enjoy should be apart of everybody's life, not just to enrich the soul but to make you healthier and therefore less of a burden to the state and to others.

09. Converting to Cloud

With an eye on a mobile future we've analysed what data we actually need and how to access it without a permanent home base. We've ditched local media libraries that took over 20 years to create in favour of Terabyte Cloud storage from Google and DropBox.  Also our email and photography stores are also cloud based.

10. Planning our Future
We try to envision where we would like to be in 10, 20 and even 40 years time.  And what funds we will need or what lifestyle economies we need to make to ensure that this can be achieved without debt.

And so to summarise:

Marcus and Agata have had another great year.  We are still untangling life and very much looking forward to 2015.