Saturday, December 27, 2014

A traditional British Christmas returns

Well Marcus is just delighted and can only thank the heavens, well quite literally.   

Although Marcus and Agata are not in England right now we have reports from UK friends and family to confirm that snow is indeed falling.  And that there is the traditional British reaction to this situation:

  • Neither the nations private drivers or public authorities have in general seen fit to look at the weather forecast
  • Those that have, filled with traditional British over confidence have assessed the situation that: We will be okay on our journeys regardless
  • Britain is, still one of the few European countries that really has no idea of the concept of /Winter Tyres/ i.e. tyres that have special surfaces to dramatically increase grip in below zero icy and snowy conditions
  • Therefore based on the above factors one can just guarantee a press /bad news bonanza/  as Motorists across the land come to a snowy grinding halt
  • The position in London where underground public transport is available to all is less pronounced allowing the Capitals inhabitants to poke fun at their Northern troubled neighbours inability to cope with snow when /up North/ people are supposed to be rougher and tougher.

Boxing Day weather bomb about to hit

Now that UK winter traffic chaos is firmly on the way I can relax and tell all my relations in England,  yes a traditional British Christmas for you has finally arrived.

You are welcome.