Thursday, November 27, 2014

They killed our PostOffice

Marcus may come across as in incensed local/ small town boy but I am simply crushed/dismayed/upset at the proposal to close our local Post Office.

As I have remarked many times previously

For example

Here  and here

Almost all of our non food shopping comes to us via Mail Order.  And as such the Post Office is probably the single most important retail premises to us for many kilometres.

So this morning when I received this flyer telling me they were closing down and re-opening in March in the local Pharmacist  I was really upset.

If you read the flyer it says that they will give the staff alternate employment locally which is something.  However I am going to miss the polite

Ah, hello Mr Bennett

That I receive on my almost daily visits there.  It took a couple of years for me to achieve the status from some  (but not all) Post Office staff  to forgo the ID card check for certain packages, since by now I think I am their best customer.

So I have Christmas deliveries only to look forward to and then next March they shut up shop.

Now I know how many British people felt 20 or so years ago when numerous local village Post Offices were closed in England.

Again, a very sad moment for us.