Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Still waiting for Android


Two Engineers, both alike in dignity, in fair Lausanne, where we lay our scene

Both Marcus and Agata have annoying phone issues ....

Marcus's story
Readers will no doubt be aware that I am in the third month of  Windows phone ownership, which was originally to be a temporary phone of a few days whilst my Android Nexus 5 phone was being repaired. Because ...

On updating Nexus 5 to Android 444 the Qi charging stopped working, and I found to my surprise the wired USB charged at only about 1% per hour!! (it might have never worked correctly, I had never used it, only wireless).   After waiting 4 weeks for the Swiss service centre to repair I got the answer that warranty service was refused, and initially they even wanted to charge me 50 CHF  (51 USD) to post it back to me!

So basically I'm STILL waiting for Android L to be available OTA (Over the Air) so that if I am lucky post update Qi charging will magically start working again, and I can return to Android.

[note:  For technical reasons it is impossible for me to use adb and flash an Android 5.0 beta ROM over USB]

So Googly,  where is my Nexus Android L??

To drop down into the sexual vernacular ... It's like I was dating my dream girl.  She left me suddenly without warning.  And in the interim my new [Windows] partner is well meaning, but slow and a bit dim.

Come back Ms Android L,  I really miss you :-)

Agata's story

One moment I was just entering the washroom and the next moment I heard a loud crack as my beautiful iPhone 6 flew out of my back pocket and onto a hard tiled floor.

For about the second time in my life   (the first is sitting in an Economy airline seat) I realised the advantage of being a person of small stature ....  Less distance for the phone to fall.

So I can in retrospect state that [of course, that super tough] iPhone 6 survived the drop.   The phone is unmarked and not bent, and also the floor is intact.

Now I must buy that iPhone 6 protective shield asap. Currently I'm too busy to do a full analysis.  Current thoughts Zagg  or  NGP .