Sunday, November 02, 2014

Not the Big Bang merely the Bang Bang

Bang Bang

I am a great fan of both IMDB and YouTube and regard them as essential home entertainment planning tools.

But I came unstuck as I was researching the latest episodes of

The Big Bang Theory

Instead of the US Sitcom based on 4 Scientists and Penny  I arrived at the Indian Action Adventure Movie

Bang Bang

IMDB provides this plot summary

A chance encounter of the unassuming bank receptionist Harleen Sahni with the charming yet mysterious Rajveer Nanda, results in an on-rush of ditched planes, car chases, shoot-outs, bombing raids and general global mayhem. But as the transcontinental chase ensues with Rajveer convincing Harleen that he's the good guy, can she really trust him, and will trust matter when the bullets start flying?

The next stop was Wikipedia where I learnt that this is a Hindi language remake of the Tom Cruise movie Night and Day.

You have to give the Indian leads Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif credit where it is due, despite what by all accounts is a flimsy plot these guys are fit in every sense of the word and surely know how to dance. Respect is due.

I would certainly like to watch the movie, but I understand it's not yet available with English Subtitles or dubbing.

Oh, But The Hypocrisy

And so my point today is rather a continuation and reflection on Sunday's Sermon

  • India has made dramatic Economic progress in the last 20 years, especially in the IT sector.   This means outsourcing and definitely NOT manufacturing
  • But in other areas India is stuck in a bygone age.   That's moderately charming for a European tourist or an ageing British couple remembering Empire.  However for residents it is not so good:
  • The Lack of Infrastructure countrywide is shocking
  • Values, morals leading to the equal role, rights and treatment of Women and Gay people is often disgraceful
  • Wealth,  Living conditions and Lifestyles outside of Cities has not changed dramatically for the better in the last 100 years

If you watch the Bang Bang trailer again; just reflect that although this film might be a fantasy and fantastical it relates to an affluent world view that is denied to the majority of Indians.  As I said this Sunday,  even kissing in public can be met with violence.

Economists or the Wealthy often promote the /trickle down/ wealth effect, saying that the best way to empower the poor is to work on the Middle Class and above.  For India, IMHO this simply is not working 

1.) Majority Indians – These are the 65% of the country (or more), who under the new definitions of the government (Rs. 62 in expenses per day in cities, Rs. 50 in villages) are considered in poverty.  In US dollars, that is surviving on spending $1 per day.  In this category, we’ve made the unfortunate, but conceptually necessary move of lumping together the urban poor and villagers, although their lives can be extremely different.  Upon Majority Indians’ backs India has been built, fed, and housed.

But back to the film ... they can really dance:

Bang Bang:Title Track

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