Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not betting on Tony

A dear friend came to visit last weekend.  After the usual pleasantries like /how was your trip/, I asked:

What do you think about Tony?

And then it became abundantly clear.  Sue did not listen to the Archers  I was shocked to the core.

What is the Archers?
The Archers is a 15 minute daily radio Soap opera broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 19.03 UK time each day.  It's also available for download, or via iPlayer or via iTunes podcast as shown in the links below.

Originally billed as a story about "everyday country folk" it started as a series set in the [fictional] village of Ambridge, a town near Birmingham in the Midlands of England.

The title derives from the Surname of the principle family "Archer" but of course today the cast includes a vast range of non Archer characters.

Why listen to the Archers?

  • It reminds me of simpler times in England
  • A serial where a balance of usually nice and just occasionally sad things happening
  • A series where overall; good things happen to good people
  • A series set in real time  (1 year later, the characters are 1 year older!)
  • Over the years you can follow the Archers family, they sort of become your extended family
  • Whilst the main emphasis is country living the series deals has also dealt with issues  of inequality, poverty, discrimination, religion, sexism and racism.
  • For those at home the afternoon broadcast  (at 14.00 UK time) is an opportunity to have take a 15 minute break with a cup of tea and relax from the rigours of the day

All in all there is no better introduction to the British psyche than to listen to the Archers.

What about Tony?

Tony Archer was recently seriously injured by a bull and although he is in hospital with severe spinal injuries it's my personal theory that his days are numbered.


He's been in the worst of health and suffered a Heart Attack in the series.  Recently Colin Skipp, who played Tony for 40 years retired and David Troughton took over.

My theory is that things are not working out and that Tony's demise will have Rob Titchener   (the partner of Helen Archer) taking over instead.

How can you put things right?

  • Clearly you need to start listening immediately! Your commitment is just 15 minutes per day, 6 days per week.
  • You will pickup the who's who of characters as you go along, but this link can help
  • Links below for your best listening mechanism.  Since I now live in Switzerland I use the iTunes way.

The Archers Wikipedia
The archers listening link
Archers Podcasts
Archers on iTunes

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