Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nokia 635 End of Term Report

Now that my Google Nexus 5 is back in operation it is time to say goodbye to our Nokia 635, Windows Smartphone.

I made an initial review here

Of course the Nokia 635 is an entry level Smartphone running Windows and the Nexus 5 is an almost flagship Google Android phone.  So there is no real comparison especially in terms of price.

Final Comments

Please first read the September review I made.  Since then I have noticed the following extra points

Google+ Plus Hangouts are still not available for Windows.  I tried to kludge a solution using the IM+ app but it never worked right.   Google Plus allows you to talk to another G+ user and also send them your location.   

Google Location
Additionally Android  can have location reporting switched on so named friends can always know your general or exact position.  This absence and that of Hangouts were the 2 real deal breakers of Windows vs Android.

Integrated Step Counter
I have no idea how, but the Health and Fitness App can keep count of your daily steps and put results into Healthvault/ now Cloud repository.  Without draining batteries.  Very impressive.

Control Panel
Somehow the layout of the control panel and its features was very intuitive.  First day back to Android and Windows seems more convenient!

Live Tiles
A really nice feature.

Windows Support
When plugged into a Windows PC the internal SD card shows up as a Windows drive making photograph copying very easy

I found it the best AI assistant, better than Siri or OK-Google.

Beta OS
Signing upto the Windows Phone Developer Preview  was super easy and means that I always had the most cutting edge Windows OS available.  The 635 got the latest OS beta releases since it's a pretty new phone

No Front Camera and Flash 
I did not notice until I had bought but there is no front camera  (I never use one so no prob), but also no Flash.  The latter would occasionally have been useful, however recall that using a flash on many mobiles terribly distorts the colour balance so I always try to take flashless photos

Sony QX10
I've been experimenting with the QX10 camera lens and the M.2 Windows App that supports it is actually better than the official Sony Android one.

For the money this Nokia phone performs excellently and the Windows Smartphone OS has some really great features I was not expecting.  Using this phone has been a really positive experience.

So if you are interested in taking this phone off our hands then see this Swiss advertisement.